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お客様の声:I couldn’t live in Tokyo without disposer !!



Over the years I’ve had 2 garbage disposal units installed by Despo Japan, in both our house and our new apartment in Tokyo. I’ve also installed one by myself (DIY), which I ordered from Amazon - that turned out to be a big mess. The installation, service, and choice of units offered by Despo Japan make it a huge bargain and great value compared to DIY. Despo Japan’s stuff works great and no hassle or worries and they are experts - I highly recommend them!! Thanks to them for the excellent service and value over the years - couldn’t live in Tokyo without it !!




デスポジャパンが提供するディスポーザの設置、サービス、機種の提案は、DIYに比べても値段が安かっただけでなく、大きな価値(安心感)があります。デスポジャパンの仕事は素晴らしい出来栄え、エキスパートな業者で、- 皆さんにも強くお勧めします! 





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